The Groove Tubes

3105 Spartanburg Hwy.
East Flat Rock, NC 28726
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Replica of the 1958 Predicata Pedestal
(Model P2549)

Meticulous detail goes into the making of each Groove Tube model, every unit is hand crafted from mahogany or hard maple and made to order. No matter what wood you choose you can special order any finish color that you would like to compliment your decor.
Our Groove Tubes utilize the RCA Colortrak plus remote control chassis and a 25" color picture tube. Any Service center can repair your Groove Tube should the need arise. This set has all the bells and whistles of the top of the line sets that are being sold today. Features ranging from Stereo, closed caption, to being cable ready, with S-Video inputs and RCA 5 jack audio/video monitor panel.
All of the cabinets and parts of our Groove Tubes are manufactured by hand at our factory in Hendersonville North Carolina. From the polyester resin picture tube shield to the decorative bars and knobs. Our Groove Tube is a replica of the original Predicta's from the cabinets to the swivel tube & the knobs used. Our Groove Tube is not only a fully functional television but a stylish work of modern art.

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