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Replica of the 1958 Predicta Pedestal (floor model) Maple in Stock - 6 weeks from order date for Mahogany
Model #P2541
Replica of the 1960 Predicta Continental (No longer Available)
Model #C2549
Replica of the 1958 Predicta Holiday (table top)
Model #H2541
Model #T2549
Available options:
Built in 4-head HiFi VCR (Continental Model Only): $400.00
Custom Painted units: $400.00

Ordering, Payment, Delivery & Lead times

All orders require a 50% deposit paid by Credit Card, Check, or Money order, When your unit is ready to be shipped, you will be contacted for payment of the balance plus the shipping cost which ranges from $150 to $300 depending where it's shipped to in the US. Orders are shipped as soon as the outstanding balance is paid. Units generally average 6-8 weeks to build and ship, though often we are able to ship much faster. When you place your order you will be informed how long your unit will take. Please remember that our Groove Tubes are produced in small quantities and is hand-built to order. We do our best to avoid delays, but shipping estimates are not guarantees of delivery time.

Shipping Arrangements

Price does not include shipping and insurance. These fees are collected upon shipping. These fees usually do not exceed $300.00 in the continental U.S. Shipping directly to your home is impractical in many cases. For this reason company policy is to avoid shipping to the home whenever possible. It is best to ship to a business address or locate a Moving & Storage company near your home. Please make sure that this company has a standard-high loading dock. You will need the address and phone number of the receiving company at the time you place your order.
Shipping Damage
C B Electronics takes great care to insure that your new Groove Tube will arrive un-damaged, including the use of proper packaging and packing methods. However, shipping damage can sometimes occur despite our best efforts. By law, when an item is picked up at our factory and is receipted for in good condition by the driver, it becomes the property of the purchaser. If the unit is damaged in shipment, C. B. ELECTRONICS IS NOT LIABLE, and a Damage Claim form must be filed directly with the shipping company. In those few cases when shipping damage occurs the unit is put back on the truck and sent to us for repair or replacement and then shipped back to you at no additional charge.
My interest in the Predicta had to do with a "love at first sight" response to the beauty of the Philco Pedestal. I was only 16 and had just received my first drivers license. I was driving down a back road in western North Carolina when I happened to drive upon a small TV repair shop. Being interested in electronics all my life I stopped. As I was looking through the window I found I couldn't keep my eyes off an old TV set that stood like a sentinel, a commanding piece of sculpture, in the corner. After that day I vowed to someday make a reproduction of that magnificent set. Some twenty years later my dream came true.

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